Immigration Medical Exam Also Called "Immigration Physical"

Everyone who files form I-693 Application, to register permanent residence or adjustment status, must undergo an immigration medical examination and receive vaccinations against vaccine-preventable diseases.

If you are required to undergo an immigration medical examination, see the USCIS page for help finding a designated physician (known as a “civil surgeon”). You can also call USCIS 800-375-5283  (For people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech disability: call 800-767-1833

This immigration medical examination office is conveniently located in 2711 SW 137 Av Suite 92 Miami Florida 33175, where the designated civil surgeon is located.

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Preemployment Evaluation

From just $60

We also offer school physicals, Sport physical,  preemployment, and more.

Labs are included at discounted price, they may include but no limited to:

TB skin test

TB lab test QuantiFERON 

Other Laboratory test can be done as required by employment or employer 

Discounted Medical Visit and Lab work

In our medical office we take pride in providing affordable, and high quality care to noninsured patients with discounted plans that include visit, prescriptions, labs, and follow ups all in one packages

For example a first visit with general labs (up to 5 panels) was bundled for a low an reasonable price, then follow ups as needed for 50 dollars each subsequent visit.

All visit will include a complete Doctor assessment, plan of care, medications, future recommended labs or images.   

We can also coordinate all needed images at amazing prizes (For example Chest X ray for 25 $, MRI without contrast 180 $) 

Believe or not those self cash prices are in coactions below of what a patient with insurance pay as copayment

All laboratory collected in our office, the result will likely be available in 24 hours 

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Our Patients deserve it

All patient deserve to be appreciated. Deserve to feel safe when we go to work. We deserve safe staffing, to be able to provide the very best care possible. They deserve these things, but most importantly, our patients deserve us at our very best, on what could be one of the worst days of their life.

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